Our Mission

How do you define an overpowering need to share the memory of someone very special to so many with so many others who didn't get the opportunity to see for themselves, what made this special someone so special?  Love, no doubt, is the primary reason.  Beyond that though, there is a need.  The same compelling need you have to share an incident or a beautiful, coincidental, impossible moment you've experienced.  It's almost like you have to tell the story to make it real.

It's been a difficult time since we lost our amazing Cullen on May 22, 2015.  We've had to learn to find comfort and the will to move forward in the strangest places sometimes. Cullen loved comic books.  DC and Marvel plots and story lines caught his attention from an early age.  Very much by coincidence, I ran across a quote attributed to Spiderman: “No matter how buried it gets, or lost you feel, you must promise me, that you will hold on to hope and keep it alive. We have to be greater than what we suffer. My wish for you is to become hope. People need that.”  This quote has become a sort of defacto mantra of our efforts. The Cullen Connolly Memorial Foundation Corporation is established by the Connolly family with a mission to nurture hope in its many forms, making this hope greater than what we've suffered.

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Cullen Connolly Memorial Fund
18521 E Queen Creek Rd. #105
Queen Creek AZ, USA 85142
Email: info@cullenscladdagh.org



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